don’t watch romantic comedies by yourself after your mom goes to bed


I have an app that shows me what I posted on twitter exactly a year ago and I just found out that I’ve been single for one full year wow wee

always-a-choice asked:
What sounds make you think of what?

This was part of a previous conversation so I don’t think I’m answering it correctly but none of them make me think of anything in particular- just pleasantness or extreme discomfort.

Sounds that physically hurt: mouth noises other than speaking, silverware or glassware hitting a table, yell-chanting, plastic or aluminum foil crinkling, balloons popping or being twisted together, popping fingers, 

(When I say that these physically hurt, I mean it literally hurts to hear these things. They don’t just annoy me and I’m not against the concept of most of them, but I involuntarily cover my ears or leave the room at the sound of most of them and it’s really embarrassing.) 

Sounds that are pleasant: rain, deep voices, skin rubbing against skin, whispering, water fountains, anything blowing in the wind. I can’t really think of more but most other things are okay.


sometimes i forget that danny devito isn’t just an abstract concept